Insignia (ITC)



Launched in 2003, in Mumbai, India, is the latest premium-segment cigarette from the Indian Tobacco Company. The previous was Wills Classic, by ITC, which is still India’s most leading cigarette brand till date. 

These are longer than your standard Reds, or Kings, or even Classics, Dunhills, anything. These have a chocolaty taste to them. The pack itself opens in a very royal manner. It splits in half, with a golden sheath covering the cigarettes. 

One cigarette usually lasts for 7 minutes, compared to 5 on a Classic, or 4 on a Dunhill. Where I stay, you don’t find any Insignia cigarettes, even though it is Indian. I have to order it in from Mumbai myself. I don’t know about its availability abroad. A complaint I had with the Classic Milds, was for some reason the filters would get oily, and also for some reason there is no insurance for Wills smokers, which sucks, as I smoke Wills too. Insignia is Wills, also.

Classic also used to taste funny. This one’s taste is just mighty. Gold Flake, according to me, tastes like shit. I just cannot smoke those. Alright, these are what I smoke daily. I pay INR 1600, for a carton of these. 20 a pack, 10 packs in a carton. It’s quite reasonable, as a carton of Dunhill Switch costs INR 1850. These are full body, full flavour, quality smokes, and people do watch in awe, as you draw out an Insignia. It is the most exclusive cigarette I’ve seen yet.

I rate this a 9/10, 9 and not 10, because of its non-availability. But I highly recommend you try these out.